Venus Cheng打造完美维纳斯 荣获五星企业家认证

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  公司:JinLin Fashion Enterprise Sdn Bhd
  世上是没有丑的人,每一个人生阶段都有自己美丽,即使是皓首蒼顏都有各自的风韵,重点是在于如何发挥你真正的特点与优势。这是Venus Cheng曾红莲经常对于顾客的鼓励。
  对于服装及形象造型设计拥有独到心得的Venus Cheng曾红莲,创办了本身的服装品牌Glitter Venus,以及服装公司JinLin Fashion Enterprise Sdn Bhd,以“穿出不平凡的你”,亲自为顾客设计、创作、打造完美造型,让许多顾客由此找到了自信与魅力。
  她对美层面的认知和对美的使命感,受到大众的推荐,在产品质量与企业领导上都获得了高度认可,于2019年2月14日在Dr Production获的IAQ国际品质促的进会执行主席-拿督斯里巴杜卡陈宥财博士客座教授颁发五星企业家认证。
  开拓企业格局 大胆发掘顾客魅力
  Venus Cheng领导企业,以兢兢业业的耐心和热情去听析、观察、了解每一位顾客的需求,从不同造型、配搭将顾客的「美」展现出来。她大胆发掘顾客的潜能,让她们看见自己的独特,不要将自己限制在习惯性的装扮上,应该大胆做出尝试,活出信心。
  无论是Glitter Venus 或是JinLin Fashion在市场皆受到认同,公司的格局日益拓展,从门面逐步发展为设计生产和批发,甚至网络销售,事业版图跨向海外。目前她正积极筹备主办Glitter Venus品牌服装秀,以让更多人可以体验见证服装的百变,穿出美丽、穿出自信、穿出不平凡!
  Venus Cheng Builds a Perfect Venus
  Won Five-star Entrepreneur Certification
  Company: JinLin Fashion Enterprise Sdn Bhd
  Post: Founder & Executive Director
  No one in this world is ugly and every life stage has its own beauty. Even for those with a hoary head and pale face, they still have their own charm. The key lies in how you can leverage your own characteristics and advantages. This is the encouragement always offered by Venus Cheng to her customers.
  Venus Cheng with her unique understandings on clothing and image and model design has founded her own brand Glitter Venus and her clothes company JinLin Fashion Enterprise Sdn Bhd.  Clinging to the principle of “showing an unusual self through your clothes”, she has designed, created and built perfect styles for her customers in person to enable many customers to find self-confidence and charm.
  With her perception of beauty and the sense of mission on beauty, she is recommended by the public and is highly recognized in both product quality and corporate leadership. On February 14, at Dr Production, Prof. Dato Sri Paduka Dr. Robin Tan, executive chairman of IAQ, presented the Five-star Entrepreneur Certification to her.
  Expanding corporate pattern and boldly tapping the charm of customers
  Venus Cheng leads her enterprise, listens, observes and understands the need of each of her customers with dedicated patience and enthusiasm, and shows the beauty of her customers with different styles and matching clothes. She can boldly tap the potential of customers to let them see their uniqueness without restricting themselves within a habitual dressing. They are encouraged to make bold attempts and live a confident life.
  With a lot of rich experience in style design, she has been invited to be image consultants for beauty contest contestants for many times and helped many beauties won the best clothes award and the top three rankings.
  Both Glitter Venus and JinLin Fashion are highly recognized in the market. The pattern of the company is increasingly expanding, evolving from shop fronts to the integration of production design and wholesale or even online sales. Its business templates have been expanded overseas. Currently, she is actively preparing for the brand fashion show of Glitter Venus so that more people can experience and witness the diversity and changes of clothes and show their beauty, self-confidence and extraordinary self through their clothes!